Par3 Software is focused on providing scalable and structured Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. While many businesses have successfully deployed various CRM and ERP software packages, some business stakeholders continue to perform certain business and work-flow processes manually due to the limitations of the deployed software packages. 

We believe that the effective deployment of FloWave® “drag-n-drop” design BPM technology, can be a key differentiator in today’s rapidly evolving competitive economy. Key stakeholders can design and implement business processes and workflows using FloWave® to measurably increase business efficiency and employee productivity.


Par3 Software, Inc. was founded in 2009, by a team of software professionals with over 15 years industry experience supporting SAP, Oracle, SAGE and other ERP software packages. The technology and business process gaps in many of these packaged software, often required detailed software customization and programming for many of our customers.

We developed our flagship BPM product – FloWave®, to empower these business stakeholders to design, deploy and manage business critical solutions and work-flow processes.

FloWave® is user-friendly enough to allow key stakeholders and system administrators to design their own BPM processes and work-flows, thereby increasing their response time to dynamic changes in business operations and processes. Through a unique project management and consulting process, our passionate and dedicated Solution Partners engage our valued customers, to deliver practical and cost-effective BPM solutions using FloWave®.

Today, FloWave® is used by rapidly expanding user base stretching from North America to Asia.

our journey

  • 2015

    Focus on Asean

  • 2014

    Par3 India development and support centre

  • 2013

    Entered Brunei Market

  • 2012

    Par3 Singapore incorporated

  • 2011

    Flowave® development. First Partnership signed

  • 2010

    Flowave® development

  • 2009

    Par3 US incorporated. Flowave® planning and development started. Flowave® Trademark was registered


Transform & Align customers’ business strategies into real time effective & efficient business processes.

Complete projects faster so that customer can achieve tangible returns on their investment.

To help organizations manage project risks and realize accelerated value from their investment.


Become South East Asia's leading BPM/RAD Solution Provider.

There may not be such a thing as perfection.
But our software comes close to it.
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