Our salesperson productivity have been increased by at least 50% since we start using FloWave®. Corresponding to that, our revenue increased by at least 200%. We are very grateful to have made the decision to adopt FloWave®.
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We used to keep track of our customer and warranty information using excel. During those days we have a lot of complaints from customer due to our inefficiency in responding to customer enquiries. Now with FloWave® our customer service agent handled all customer enquiry efficiently and in timely manner.
FloWave® helped our staff to focus more of their time doing things that can generate revenue for the company. All those mundane tasks with paperworks are all automated by FloWave®.
There are no more missed quotations or lapsed of customers’ product & service warranty. FloWave® have helped our admins to better manage the customers’ requests and to remind them of the products or services that are going to be expired so necessary actions can be taken before it lapsed.
There may not be such a thing as perfection.
But our software comes close to it.
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