eMobForceTM is an integrated mobile business solution to improve workforce productivity.

The system allows work site creation, roster planning and attendance tracking. Call us for FREE Demo & consultation and discover what eMobForce can do for your business.


Improve Your WorkForce Productivity.



  • Work Shift Roster
  • Instant Alert Upon Lack/Late Attendance
  • Measure Resource Utilization by Project/Site


Staff can clock in/out using their mobile phone and it will capture their GPS position and capture the photo of themselves as a proof of their attendance at specific site and date time.


Email and SMS alert can be configured for the non-a9endance so the supervisor or planner of respective site can act accordingly to make sure there is enough manpower supplied to the site.


Access the attendance information anywhere, anytime. Real time instant reports for Staff Attendance, OT Hours, Late Comers, etc.


Supervisor can help to mark the attendance of the workers by scanning their IC or work permit IDs.


Planner or site supervisor can easily create the service sites and plan the rosters for the workers. Planner/ supervisor will have an overview of the manpower distribution.


It can be easily integrated with payroll system.

Why eMobForce?

  • Real time attendance from any location unlike fixed biometric locations or manual timecard
  • Alert users before it is too late and proactively make decision rather than being reactive and wait for customers to complain
  • All in one integrated software from Rostering to Capturing to Processing
  • Capture your attendance even in offline mode when there is no network / internet
  • Seamless integration of OT, Absent Days with our Payroll
  • Captures both Photo and Geographic position

Who Need eMobForce?

  • Organization that have challenges tracking real time staff attendance from remote work location or outlets
  • Organization who needs to real time tracking of Supervisors who travel to multiple site
  • Organization who needs to roster/schedule their staffs
  • Organization that needs to track how much time spent by their staffs for the respective projects
  • Needs real time alerts when a staff doesn’t punch on time
  • Organization has many temporary adhoc on and off work site and need to track attendance
  • Organization that needs to manage & control flexible working hours Eg. Minimum 40 hours per week but no fixed working day or off day


There may not be such a thing as perfection.
But our software comes close to it.
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